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Phygitals by yamb0x


Phygitals by yamb0x


I Miss You

Phygital Artwork

1/1 edition

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Dissrup’s first NFT Visualiser exhibits Vini Naso’s artwork, ‘I Miss You’ on Love Hultén’s hand-crafted, interactive display. Featuring two Raspberry PI computers and an analogue button and dial control board, Hultén’s visualiser allows the user to freeze and move between frames of the artwork, bringing the artist and the audience into an intimate new dynamic. Within the artwork itself a couple, locked in an eternal embrace, are safely ensconced in the perfection of the virtual world. Free from the burden of reality, the pair exist in an intricate and perennial utopia as a perfectly preserved memory of a joyful moment. ‘I Miss you’ evokes a sense of nostalgia, capturing the essence of those perfect, yet all too fleeting moments that become our cherished memories. The is a twin version of the artwork sold to Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile & Desiree Casoni for 6 Ξ on SuperRare, June 15th, 2021. etherscan.io/tx/0x1eb205b9cdb1c37459bc923c5ae7a5ff2d0f9786ad1a39672874c95d65f60496


Vini Naso

Interactive display

Love Hultén

Sound Design



Pausing, freezing, or cycling between frames

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47.1 MB

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