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Reflector Dreamz by GALISFLY

Reflector Dreamz

Reflector Dreamz by GALISFLY

Reflector Dreamz

Reflector Dreamz #02

Phygital Artwork

1/1 edition

Created by


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"Reflector Dreamz" is the new PHYGITAL collaboration between Galisfly and Sapirey. Connecting Galisfly's unique and colorful experience mirrors into the dreamy, parallel reality of Sapirey's 3D designed worlds. THE DIGITAL:
 Slide back into the 80’s on planet Sapal333 and enter this nostalgic and dreamy space. Dive into the ever-flowing and translucent oxygen-infused water pool. Enter another dimension when you take a look at yourself through the Wiggly Neon Mirror floating in the center. THE PHYSICAL: the Wiggly Neon Mirror is a wall art piece and a light fixture. designed to create a one-of-a-kind colorful experience in your physical space. Its' exterior frame features a neon green color light and its’ inside body holds a dark blue mirror. The Wiggly Neon affects the light and color in your space while showing the reflections of your surrounding. Made of acrylic mirror, EU or US plug. By purchasing this one-of-a-kind phygital item, You will receive both the digital art file of "Reflector Dreamz #02 and the physical Reflector mirror shipped to your address.

Physical art

Acrylic mirror

Digital art


Year created



Gal Vardi AKA Galisfly


Sapir Eyal AKA Sapirey


17.2 MB

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