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Digital Fashion World by enara

Digital Fashion World

Digital Fashion World by enara

Digital Fashion World

Chinese Tribe - Song and Tang Dynasties

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

Created by

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This garment design is inspired by traditional Chinese clothing from the Song and Tang dynasties. The design is a reflection of how clothing in that period slowly transitioned into what we now perceive as traditional Chinese /East Asian fashion. During that period, 906, clothing elements such as the grand sleeves, colour and pattern often acted as a reflection of ones' societal status and hierarchy. This at times meant that some colours, items and patterns were only limited to those of a higher status. In this design interpretation, I aimed to subtly blend and exaggerate some of the design elements as commentary on the subtle evolution of the gown as an item of clothing. Project description: A study on the diverse range of traditional clothing historically worn around the world titled 'Tribes', this project explores regional fashion and its connection to our collective identity, geographical origins and history. Each piece in this collection is a modern take on traditional clothing characterised by form, colour and symbolic elements seen on regional clothing around the world. The first collection will consist of five designs based on garments from China, Kenya (Maasai Tribe), Southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The project aims to celebrate these different cultures and styles through an immersive digital show where the audience can walk through and view all the works on display. The exhibition will be a short journey that concludes with a final garment design consisting of all the different regional styles.


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