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Digital Fashion World by enara

Digital Fashion World

Digital Fashion World by enara

Digital Fashion World

Southern African Tribe

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

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Clothing in the southern region of Africa was not generally needed for warmth or protection due to the hospitable weather. As a result of this, clothing acted as a uniform that signalled which tribe people belonged to. This further reinforced the role of clothing as an expression of the collective identity of each tribe. My interpretation of these traditional garments pays homage to the unique colour palette, geometric shapes and waxed fabrics commonly seen in the southern region of Africa. Project Description: A study on the diverse range of traditional clothing historically worn around the world titled 'Tribes', this project explores regional fashion and its connection to our collective identity, geographical origins and history. Each piece in this collection is a modern take on traditional clothing characterised by form, colour and symbolic elements seen on regional clothing around the world. The first collection will consist of five designs based on garments from China, Kenya (Maasai Tribe), Southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe.


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