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Benoit Challand is a creative at the edge of art and design.

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Benoit Challand

Benoit Challand is a creative at the edge of art and design. He loves to create images, design mood, digital shapes and space using his favorite medium, 3D tool. From Paris to Madrid he's now working and living in Lyon, France. He's working worldwide for brands, ad agencies and studio as Art Director and Director, often he's a Creative Director or Creative Producer. He has a foothold in the advertising industry since 2009 and has work for brands like Apple, Adobe, Audi, Chanel, Guerlain, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nissan, Louis Vuitton. His work has been published in Art Travel, Wired, IDN, FastCompany, AD Magazine, Design Origin, Ideat and featuring on digital plateforme like Awwwards, Adobe, Fubiz, It’s nice that, LeMonde, Fastco, Phaidon, Dezeen to name a few.