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The Tower

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

This NFT is now available on secondary markets

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The tree, rooted deep into the earth and ascending to the sky with longevity exceeding any human lifespan is a symbol of creation and eternity. It is rigid and immovable, an intermediary between the earth and the sky, it is a transformational medium. It represents journey and different paths. The column of an architectural structure, as a form, derives from the trunk of a tree, as with totems, towers and obelisks. These creations represent our futile desire to ascend from the temporary to eternal. In a world devoid of any human life, a pillar ascents from a well, a source of life, representing our primordial origins from water. It ends with a creation, an egg or a fetus of potentiality. It is signalling the start of a new process which is only a different chapter of an infinitely causal chain of life. Throughout its trunk, the pillar is decorated with symbols that refers to our obsession with meaning, permanence and control. It’s a totem for reminding us the temporality of our existence and impossibility of achieving control over nature.


3000px x 9286px




Doruk Kumkumoğlu


7.73 MB

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