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Phygitals by yamb0x


Phygitals by yamb0x


Impossible Anything Anytime

Phygital Artwork

1/1 edition

Created by

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Impossible Anything Anytime / The Chaos Engine - 4K ‘chaos’ animation video in seamless 8 second loop. - Digital animation inverted/coupled with original artwork made by the artist. - Signed 1/1 original hand drawn artwork at approx. 104 x 77 cm (41 x 30 inches) made with black wax crayon pencil. on handmade white Somerset heavyweight cotton rag paper. ‘This artwork is an expression of chaos mathematics - using basic script and simple AE expressions to generate the unique and chaotic patterns of movement.’ According to ‘The Determinists’, chaos was the enemy - they experienced the new science as a final vindication of Classical Newtonian physics and as a weapon to be used *against chaos; a tool to map and predict reality itself. For them - chaos was death and disorder, entropy and waste. The opposing faction however, experienced chaos as something benevolent; the necessary matrix out of which arises spontaneously an infinity of variegated forms — a pleroma, rather than an abyss — a principle of continual creation; unstructured, fecund and beautiful… the essential spirit of total potential and wild nature herself… Call me (uk) 0795076316? :) ;) #lofichaosartportaldreamsanytimeanyplaceevidencelondonundergroundfutureworldwideouterspaceinnerspace2222

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Artwork by




Animation Resolution

2686 x 3840 pixels

Original Physical Artwork

1/1 hand-drawn original artwork with black wax crayon


handmade white heavyweight Somerset cotton rag at 104 x 77 cm (41 x 30 inches)


16 MB

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