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It's Full of Stars...

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

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The idea flew right out of my mind in an instant - projected the 0.000010561 of a mile to my eyes and a farther 0.000022990 of a mile to the tip of my nose...     It then soared up 30,444 miles and right out to the very edge of the Earth's stratosphere...     At the speed of thought, it travelled 9,639,563,280 miles beyond the Earth's stratosphere and past Pluto, to the outer-limits of our solar system... A farther 5,584,694,104,524,427,000 and then out into deep space before exiting at the edge of our galaxy; The Milky Way...     Burning very brightly now and white-hot it arrives 273,349,241,357,280,005,062,656 miles beyond the edge of our galaxy and at the far edge of the known Universe - where it finally settles...     It is here that a thought may remain indefinitely, glowing as brightly as a star and waiting for others to join it, all glimmering together at the very edge of the Universe.   It’s full of Stars.     by karborn


rufffff analogue broken down beasts, amiga, vhs, trinitron, etc.



The Distances?

Are correct, I believe - I worked them out.

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