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The Alleys of Your Mind

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

Created by

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Artwork drawn directly onto the machines - pixel painting x pointillism x digital analogue hybrid. Individual frames decayed through analogue monitors and ruff kit. Photographed and finally assembled into a 4 frame stop-motion .gif animation. 3201 x 4000 pixels Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind (1981 USA) - a brilliant rework of - Ultravox - Mr X (1980 UK) Includes additional .zip file containing high resolution still frames, WIP's and other additional materials. The composition based in part on Saul Bass psychology textbook illustrations circa 1980s? Wonderful. Cybotron recuts Ultravox and Karborn recuts Saul Bass in painted pixels. Thank you + acknowledgements to Cybotron. Saul Bass. Ultravox John Foxx.


3201 x 4000


Analogue / Digital hybrid


7.32 MB

File type