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Women of Web 3.0 by pjcurly

Women of Web 3.0

Women of Web 3.0 by pjcurly

Women of Web 3.0

Candy Floss Monster

NFT Artwork

1/1 edition

This NFT is now available on secondary markets

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Within the human mind there is a constant and instinctive need to rationalize our surroundings. We look for structure and logic in nature; systems and models in the cosmos; ordered and intelligent reasoning. Yet reality is not so compliant. The universe is full of mysteries - phenomena perpetually beyond logic and human understanding. But this gives the human mind it's beautiful and ceaseless desire - that this world, and this place that we call home, may only be a door to other worlds of previously unimagined beauty. That what we can currently see, feel and experience is but the finest edge of a truer reality. A reality that we can only glimpse in our most fantastical of dreams. Our second piece from our "Sweet Like Candy" Genesis series on Dissrup.






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