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33 Hoodie by Dissrup

33 Hoodie

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33 Long Sleeve by Dissrup

33 Long Sleeve

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33 Sneakers by Dissrup

33 Sneakers

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33 VIP Bridge Token by Dissrup

33 VIP Bridge Token

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Drone by Zhemin Wang


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The 33 Mask by UV-朱 & Yambo

The 33 Mask


33NFT is a collector of rare NFTs, currently holding over 1000 pieces in his collection. You can view the full collection via the official 33NFT Instagram page, available here.

33 is renowned for his community-focused membership schemes, which allow aspiring collectors and crypto-users to get involved in the space through evolving membership tokens that reward long term followers and hodlers.


As part of our longstanding collaboration, we decided to work with 33NFT to create a dedicated space in which our range of collaborative digital and phygital collectibles can be viewed and purchased.

The result: an evolving online retail space offering a selection of limited-edition collectibles — a traditional online shopping experience, re-contextualised on the blockchain.

Ranging from phygital fashion, to rare digital collectibles, the items available from the 33 Store have been designed by some of the 3D industry’s most respected creators.