Dreamlike Interiors: A Life Beyond Reality

Digital Designers Make Their Predictions on how the Metaverse will Change our Living Spaces

Digital Interiors


Mar 21

A Word from the Curator: Estelle François

"For the 'Dreamlike Interiors' collection, I wanted to unite works that call for escape and make us forget the limitations of reality. This collection is focused on a theme, but also lets each artist express their art in their own way.

I am very curious about the impact that the metaverse can have on 3D architectural work. For now we are used to seeing a room or a set from a single point of view with lights and shadows studied for a precise angle.

The Metaverse will progressively enable artists to leverage new capabilities and transform our 'guest experience': we will no longer be the spectator of an image, but able to enter the scenery and visit it. This will surely imply imagining entire spaces, taking into account every angle of view and many more details of the rooms or houses that will be created."

Artur De Menezes

Artur De Menezes - 'Sugar Pill' (2022).

"We move towards a merging point with the digital world, so much so, that we no longer live without it. The metaverse is a perfect medium to explore new ways of living. I think the rebellious nature of digital materiality allows us, the artists, to push boundaries as the digital is not attached to the physical world's limitations and so, it opens the way to break expectations in order to create new experiences of living and interactions."

— Artur (Discover on Dissrup and Instagram).

Alba De La Fuente