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Welcome to Dissrup

Everything you Need to get Acquainted with our Ecosystem


Sep 1

So, what is Dissrup?

Dissrup is a platform designed to offer cultural enthusiasts a range of digital and phygital collectibles to be used in various online and real-world contexts.

Our platform is divided into two essential components: The Dissrup marketplace, on which our community of artists and collectors displays and sells their work, and the Dissrup Drops output, for which the Dissrup team works with industry-leading artists to create limited runs of highly valuable, digital and phygital collectibles, packaged and delivered in regularly-scheduled releases.

The Dissrup Marketplace

The marketplace is our community of digital artists and NFT collectors. In order to join the community, you can connect your wallet and explore everything dissrup has to offer

Artists and collectors can use our marketplace to network, display their creations and collections, and support and encourage growth in the NFT space. Artists and collectors can curate special gallery pages, exhibiting their own collection of work.

All artwork created and displayed on Dissrup will be featured in the Dissrup marketplace gallery, and is eligible for in-house, editorial support.

Dissrup Drops

Alongside our marketplace, Dissrup collaborates with artists to offer collectors high-value collectibles, which are made available to purchase directly on the platform. These collectibles come in many forms, but our essential output can be categorized into four main sections:

  • (Digital) Art — Our purest artistic output designed to fulfil aesthetic needs only.

  • (Digital) Fashion — digital and phygital clothing designed for use in the metaverse.

  • (Digital) Interiors — Furniture and soft products to furnish and decorate real and digital spaces.

  • (Digital) Lifestyle — Miscellaneous goods of a collectible nature.

The exact content of each drop is dependent on the artists involved, but many drops include phygital components and digital collectibles, all of which are registered on the blockchain for provable ownership, scarcity and provenance.


Dissrup is a cutting-edge platform which puts the focus back on quality in an oversaturated market.

Our collaborations are with the most talented and innovative artists in the field, and our community includes discerning collectors and fresh talent, working together to push NFTs further.

We have created a next-generation platform, with a sleek and intuitive interface, in order to accelerate adoption of crypto, NFTs and the metaverse, and create an accessible digital ecosystem that veterans and novices alike can enjoy.

How do I Join?

You can enjoy Dissrup without creating an account, simply visit our site and start exploring!

If you’d like to purchase collectibles, and enjoy Dissrup events, simply connect your MetaMask wallet. We have a guide on creating and connecting a MetaMask wallet here.

If you’d like to exhibit and sell your own work on Dissrup, all you need to do is fill out our Artist Profile Submission form, We are after next-gen artists to shape the Metaverse together.

We also have an active Discord channel, in which our community can connect with us.

Dissrup suit on a beach

What Can I Buy, and How Do I Use my Purchases?

We have a guide to using our collectibles in the metaverse (and a guide explaining the metaverse), both of which can be viewed here. In the meantime, here is a brief overview:

Types of collectibles

Collectors can purchase digital/phygital collectibles, and NFT artworks on the platform, as part of Dissrup drops, or directly from artists and collectors on the Dissrup marketplace.

Digital collectibles are digital creations registered on the blockchain. They can take many forms, including digital clothing, game skins, and virtual furniture. Single-edition digital collectibles are called NFTs.

Digital collectibles are the key to ownership of digital assets and can be used in metaverse-compatible spaces.

Phygital collectibles are items comprised of both digital and physical components. For example, a phygital sofa might be a digital collectible sofa that includes an identical physical copy. Phygital collectibles allow users to enjoy their favourite possessions in both the digital and real worlds.

Using collectibles

Digital collectibles can be used in a variety of ways, depending on their content.

Selected Dissrup fashion collectibles are compatible with ZERO10, the AR dressing application, which enables users to wear digital garments and accessories in a social media context. Each Dissrup digital collectible garment also comes in high- and low- poly format, allowing for seamless integration into social and gaming platforms as game skins and wearables.

Digital furniture can be used to furnish digital spaces on platforms such as Sansar and Decentraland.

Digital artwork (NFT artwork) can be exhibited on our platform, or migrated to AR/VR galleries and platforms for exhibition in different environments.

Phygital collectibles allow users to utilise the digital component in the aforementioned ways, whilst enjoying the physical component in real life.

I Miss You artwork

Want to know more?

We have an extensive FAQ section, with detailed explanations of key terms, platform features and much more. We also have a curated editorial section that combines light-reads and in-depth analysis of relevant crypto and digital topics. Together, these sections cover everything you might want to know about NFTs, digital collectibles, and the metaverse in order to begin exploring the digital frontier for yourself.